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Created in 2007, the ambition of Solution Santé is to promote health

To achieve this, we have established collaborative links with pharmacy wholesalers and all pharmacies in Cameroon, making carefully selected natural products available to consumers through this distribution network.

In parallel, Solutions Santé Magazine, our free information bulletin, promotes health through nutrition and nature.

Push Innovation Further

Gradually, our innovative ideas and solutions are put at the service of communities for the well-being of populations and a better living environment. They also support companies to boost their performance..

SOLUTECH, our technical department, provides effective technological solutions to companies and communities to meet specific needs..

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Led by a Team of Passionate Experts

Eithel Ekwalla Lobe

CEO and Managing Director
Responsible for Trade Marketing and Distribution

+237 652 39 95 79

Dr Augustine Priso Bekombe

Responsible for Health Consultation and Product Quality

+237 691 29 82 33

Louise-Alice Wondje Ngosso

Responsible for Urban Mediation

+237 695 67 99 63

Simon Mbenda

In charge of the Technical Department and After-Sales Service

+237 699 87 34 80
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Useful and Diverse Products

A wide range of carefully selected useful and diverse products to consult in our catalogs to learn more.

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Useful Products and Solutions in Various Fields.


Ma boîte à Moustique

- The ecological, effective and designer solution to combat mosquitoes and malaria in the long term.
- Innovation at the heart of a global public health issue


New Ideas for a Better Living Environment

Taking care of the environment is imperative to improve the living environment and the well-being of populations within communities..


Performance Boosters

Enhance your physical performance and your bedroom experience.


Safety Kits

Appropriate equipment to stop and extinguish any fire: 5 seconds are enough to prevent the spread of fire.


Natural Products

A safe and effective alternative to medicine, made from natural ingredients such as plants.

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Our Distribution Channels

We have forged close links with supermarkets, pharmacy wholesalers and all the pharmacies in Cameroon, providing their distribution networks with a variety of carefully selected products.

ImageOur Community Involvements

A Civic-Minded Company...

Over the years, we have observed several community issues in Cameroon that have motivated us to propose ideas and solutions to address them in the city of Douala. Two of these initiatives later led to the implementation of pilot projects by the Urban Community of Douala (CUD). These projects include:

  • Pilot Project for Selective Waste Sorting

    The pilot program involves constructing waste sorting equipment at the base of household waste in the city of Douala, an idea by Solution Santé, from conception to effective implementation.

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  • Pilot Project for Mosquito Control

    The pilot program aims to install anti-vector control instruments for mosquito control in certain neighborhoods of the city of Douala. Another idea by Solution Santé, implemented with technical support from the French partner Ma boite à moustique.

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