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ImageDiscover the ecological mosquito trap

What is it?

Ma Boite à Moustique is a mosquito trap designed in durable materials that admirably integrates your living space to provide total serenity in your fight against mosquitoes. 95% of mosquitoes eliminated in 24 hours

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How does it work?

Ma Boite à Moustique works on the basis of bio-mimicry: the device imitates human presence thanks to a low CO2 diffusion and pheromone lure, in order to attract and trap mosquitoes.

Ma Boite à Moustique attracts mosquitoes from several meters away (radius 40 to 60 meters). Attracted as close as possible to the trap (15-meter radius), the mosquitoes are sucked into the 2 side inlets and captured in the nets.

The Ma Boite à Moustique traps feature built-in sensors that detect external conditions (wind, hygrometry, temperature), and automatically adapt CO2 and pheromone diffusion.

You don't have to think about it!


CO2 + pheromone + electricity = you're protected

Simple operation: plug in, connect, and you're ready to go.


A connected device

It's easy to get real-time information from your trap or adapt its efficiency to the current pest: just connect to your trap remotely via Bluetooth using your app!

Autonomous management of consumables

Once plugged into the mains, connected to the CO2 and connected to the app, your trap operates autonomously. Depending on outdoor conditions and the mode used, the 10 kg bottle of CO2 will be consumed in 4 to 6 weeks. Connected to the trap, the app will notify you when it's time to change the CO2 or pheromone refill.


Where to place your Ma Boite à Moustique trap?

For maximum effectiveness against mosquitoes, optimized positioning. Ma Boite à Moustique traps are specially designed for outdoor areas: gardens, terraces, estates, green spaces. Of course, the positioning of the trap is key to maximizing mosquito capture through continuous operation throughout the season.


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hank you again for your interest in "Ma Boite à Moustique". We look forward to helping you get rid of these pests and enjoy your home in peace, any time!



95% de moustique éliminés en 24hrs
Tested and approved by an independent body.



There's nothing to do
The box does everything. You just enjoy the benefits

Environmentally Responsible


Environmentally friendly
Eco-designed & limiting carbon footprint.

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